by シャルロ

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それは大抵知らないところで始まって いつも僕の知らないところで終わってる 偶然生まれた場所で 偶然殺しあい 偶然生まれた場所で 偶然愛しあう こどもの頃にみた SF映画の古くさい未来よりも 輝かしくはなくても 君がいる明日へと舵をきる 君の未来が 幸せならいい 痛みや悲しみが ひとつもなければいい 僕らは遠い昔 ばらばらに散らばって 今さらもう誰かが何を望んでも ひとつには戻れないよ 天を呪ってしまうことばかり 終わりの時を俟つ 不遇な人の群れ こんな世界など 壊れてしまえばいい? こども騙しみたいな 祈りじゃ届かないな 愛で満ちた世界に 憎しみをみつけることも 憎しみで満ちた世界に 愛をみつけることも どれがヒーローか 僕にはわからない 無邪気な虚構すら 虚構でいられない 不完全な世界の 言葉を交わしたい 闇を照らしだす 光であればいい It often begins without notice And always ends before I find out Born here by chance we may kill each other Born here by chance we may love each other Even if it's not as bright As the old-fashioned futures In those Sci-Fi movies I saw as a kid I'll choose the future that leads to you I only want your days to be happy And to be without any pain and sorrow Long ago we were torn apart And no matter what anyone hopes for We'll never be whole again The heavens are cursed and fates bemoaned, By those misfortunate who long for judgment A world like this, is it better that it falls apart? Such a foolish prayer won't amount to anything To find hate in a world full of love To find love in a world full of hate I'm not sure which way to live by Even an innocent fantasy cannot remain a fantasy I hope to speak with the words of this imperfect world And to let it be the light that shine through the darkness


new album "Azazel" is in production.

96kHz/24bit edition:


released June 20, 2020

written and produced by Naoki Kono

vocals by Zabieru

all instruments, programmed and mixed by Naoki Kono
mastered by Kentaro Kimura (kimken studio)

artwork by Rei Futaba

english translation by mejiro




charlot Japan

シャルロ (charlot) is a Japanese musical project by Naoki Kono.

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